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Up for sale brand new complete and ready for shipping very strong and lightweight cue
Perfect playing cue.

Weight: 17oz
Length: 150cm
Tip: 11.5mm
Butt: 30mm

– Black Hornbeam butt with Tulip fullsplice pattern.
– White natural Hornbeam shaft with straight conical taper to lowered deflection.
– Carbon ferrule for power shots.
– Joint protectors

Wood: Hornbeam black, Hornbeam natural
Joint: Steel, metric thread

Accessories for this stick

Extension for your cue

It could be made of any wood you want to match the cue design. It also could be customized with splices
$100.00 Add to Cart

Joint protectors for your cue

Standard is black, but they could be customized to match your cue design
$35.00 Add to Cart

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Crown 360 cue blank Hornbeam / Sonokeling

Length: 30" each
Tip diameter: 19mm
Joint diameter: 22mm
Butt diameter: 32mm
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