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Up for order top quality cue for any billiards sports, such as pool, snooker, carom, pyramid, etc.
It is made of natural wood using the strongest glue connection technology called fullsplice.
We use the canonical way in our production. No milling, no core, no CNC (except engravings). Just one solid piece of plaited wood glued splice-to-splice and rounded to diameters. All handmade.
Cue weight, length, tip and butt diameters are custom.

Shaft: Hornbeam black
Butt: Chechen wood, Palisander, Hornbeam
Parameters: Custom
Joint: Uniloc QR
Available joints:

Ringwork: silver rings cost $50 extra, the rest are free.
ringwork-cut rings cue rings cues silver rings brass rings wood rings billiards cues

Shaft taper:
taper-type-conical-pro-taper pro taper conical taper straight taper taper type

Tip options:
ferrule carbon ferrule fiber ferrule brass ferrule fullsplice cue tips

Accessories for this stick

Extension black Hornbeam

It could be made of any wood you want to match the cue design. It also could be customized with splices
$100.00 Add to Cart

Joint protectors for your cue

Could be customized to match your cue design
$35.00 Add to Cart
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